Walk from Whitepark Bay to Portbradden, and have a coffee at the Bothy

Wrapped between two headlands on the North Coast of Northern Ireland, Whitepark Bay is a hidden gem amongst the touristy causeway path. Located 8 miles west of Ballycastle & 6 miles east of Bushmills, the beach is accessible by car, with a car-park located nearby.


whitepark-14 whitepark-17


whitepark-18 whitepark-3



Cascading dunes cloaked in grassland create a natural fortress which envelopes the bespoke ocean basin. The beach is perfect for a morning stroll taking approximately 1 hour from top to bottom but be warned, the walk down to the beach drops steadily so be sure to be prepared for the hike back up.

whitepark-7a-2 whitepark-5

In the summer months, you may even meet the beaches local residents (the odd sheep or cow),  who have permission to graze there under an ancient bylaw.

The beach is not recommended for swimming due  to the strong currents.



Alternatively and if the tide permits, you can clamber across the rocks to Portbradden, and visit the small blue church nestled amongst the houses. This is not technically a tourism place as people do live in the homes at the harbour but the small church is visible from the road.



From here, you can take the road back up the hillside, and stop in at the Bothy to warm the toes.

A recently renovated conversion, the Bothy is styled using  rustic craftsmanship, with an open fire and fantastic coffee. Parking is also available. Exact location is:  164 Whitepark Rd, Dunseverick, Bushmills BT57 8SS. Be aware the Bothy is closed on Sundays.


whitepark-9 whitepark-10 whitepark-11 whitepark-12



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