Ursa Minor – Ballycastle

Ursa Minor is the fresh bakehouse cafe of Ballycastle, owned by husband and wife duo Dara and Ciara Ó hArtghaile. Feeling inspired by their time away living in New Zealand, the couple returned home bringing their new found knowledge of all things flour to the north coast.

The cafe itself is located along Ann Street, and is renowned for its homemade loaves of sourdough and tasty array of buns and pastries.

The name Ursa Minor is Latin for Little Bear, which makes up the star constellation which was used by mariners to navigate the seas.

Inside, the cafe is a relaxed mix of open plan and rustic charm, with a special play area for kids.

The smell of crusty bread fills the cafe and you can’t help but buy a loaf to take home as you leave.

Everything is made fresh daily; hot from the oven downstairs to your plate upstairs in the cafe.

In addition to their own gifts and merchandise, Ursa Minor encourages and promotes other boutique business along the causeway by displaying their products in their cafe.

As an added bonus, the coffee and hot chocolate are delicious.

Ursa Minor is open Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 4pm

For more information see http://www.ursaminorbakehouse.com/

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