Knowth & Newgrange

Older than the pyramids of Egypt, Knowth & Newgrange are megalithic passage tombs located in County Meath, only 1 hour and 30 minutes from Belfast.

World Heritage Sites built around 3200 BC, these ancient tombs are definitely worth the day trip.

Arriving at the visitor centre, there is plenty of parking available.

Once inside, a visitors bus easily transfers you around the sites.

Knowth is a maze of internal tunnels and passageways believed to have been used for a number of different practices including astrology, spiritual, religious and ceremonial. It used to house families, and hide villagers from viking invasions.

From the top of the mound, you can see the Hill of Tara, the ancient seat of the High Kings of Ireland.

Newgrange is particularly special, and is said to be the passage way to the afterlife. Used as a temple for the dead, it was believed spirits made their way to the afterlife every winter solstice.

Even now, on the shortest day of the year in December, a beam of sunlight enters the tomb . The light only blooms for 17 minutes each year, and there is a lottery available where you can try your luck at gaining a place inside.

Members of the public are allowed inside the tomb, with limited spaces per group on each visit. You aren’t allowed to take photos so here is one of me at the entrance 🙂

You will just have to see it for yourself.

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