Swimming at Murlough Bay

Murlough Bay, taken from the Irish word Murlach meaning “sea inlet”, is a beautiful coastal landscape on the north Antrim causeway between Fair Head and Torr Head, just outside Ballycastle.

Renowned for its outstanding charm and remote location, the 360 degree views stretch from Rathlin right across to the Mull of Kintyre and Islay. A road leading down to the bay is accessible to cars.

Locals are particularly proud of the area and a lot of effort has gone into persevering the history and allure of the bay. Keep an eye out for the legendary stories dotted around the area.

The cross represents the burial place of former British diplomat Roger Casement, who was knighted in 1911 and executed for treason in 1916. While waiting execution he wrote “Take my body back with you and let it lie in the old churchyard in Murlough Bay,” a well known tribute letter to the place he loved. 

“The other night I dreamed that you, Gee and I were at Murlough Bay,
on the green hill, 900 feet above the sea,
close to the McCarry’s house,
looking out at the racing tides of Moyle,
churning currents and whirlpools,
and overlapping tides,
and Alba across the way,
and the blue peaks of Jura clean and clear;
the great panorama of island and hill
and swirling waters
that first made me realize what Ireland was to me.”

The bay leads right down to the waters edge and is beautiful for swimming and jumping off the rocks. Be careful of currents, and know the tides before entering the water!Photo by Islander

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