Sunrise stroll from East Strand to Whiterocks, finished by breakie at the Royal Court

One of the best hidden secrets on the North Coast is the morning sunrise. Usually only seen by an exclusive club of eager dog walkers, early fisherman and galloping horse riders, this majestic scene offers beauty and tranquility for those brave enough to get out of bed.

Starting either at Portrush East Strand car park or the the Arcadia, follow the beach as it meanders around the dunes.

Once you reach the Whiterocks, head towards the car park and over to the dunes on the left where you will follow the cliff path around the coast.




Once you reach the main road, turn left and follow the footpath back towards Portrush, until you see a public foot path sign leading towards the Royal Court. This is on the other side of the road, so be careful of on-coming traffic as you cross. Follow this path up to the Hotel. You can smell the bacon, eggs and coffee as you approach.

Breakfast is approximately £9 and is served buffet style.



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